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Few British painters laid bare the mechanics of painting as Noel Forster did. His paintings are resolutely hand made and have characteristic, arc-like gestures weaving a coloured surface of light.

"Noel was in my view the most important post-War abstract painter in England, and his work combined performance, intellectual rigour and the artist's craft. It was simultaneously clever and sensuous." Stephen Bury, Curator, British Library, Dec 2007

"Noel was a splendid friend, and a wonderful painter.He thought endlessly about the relations of paint and light, and talked with extraordinary clarity - and complexity - about making works of art. He taught me a lot about looking.The ideas behind his own work were intricate and uncompromising."AS Byatt, Author, Dec 2007

"Noel Forster was an adventurous and productive artist whose glowing, audacious personality looked out from his canvasses."Bernard Cohen, Artist, Dec 2007

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The complete collection of Noel Forster paintings, drawings, etchings, prints and sketches spanning over 50 years.

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Noel Forster used the paintings size to emphasis the relationship between space and light.

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Noel Forster was fascinated by natural pigments, colour combinations and the spaces between the colours.

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Noel Forster’s paintings were often worked out through etchings, prints, drawings, sketches and other works.

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